Foresight, insight, and vision beyond the purely legal functions

BraunLegal promotes its attorneys’ ability to forecast the direction of public policy and regulatory development. BraunLegal creates added value for its clients by providing advice that goes beyond mere legal compliance. For instance, certain actions may raise reputational/political issues for the agency and general counsel should not shy from articulating a view.

    BraunLegal attorneys have been involved in the ground floor development of several joint powers agencies. From the legal end, these projects included developing and drafting all the specialized formation documents to reflect the specific industry, the member agencys’ common powers, and the specific purposes. BraunLegal also served as the chief legal architect for the merger of two large joint powers agencies, with the dissolution of one agency.
Governance and meetings
    As a practice, BraunLegal attorneys attend all board meetings and significant committee meetings that are subject to the California open meeting laws (Ralph M. Brown Act). This also enables us to stay informed about agency operations and issues, explain legal issues, and provide advice in real-time. This interaction with the client enhances the effectiveness of general counsel.
Relationship building with the client/counselor/advisor
    Serving in the role of counselor and advisor is a core task. Competent general counsel must build a solid, trusting relationship with the client (i.e., the Board) in order to promote a cohesive team. This trusting relationship is critical so that board members are receptive to full and unbiased advice. The General Counsel must demonstrate good judgment on difficult issues, and exercise the ability to make ethical professional judgments in the client’s best interest. The client must rely on counsel for a clear perception of the law and the ways in which it applies to the client’s agency. General counsel, of course, must also work closely with senior management as directed by the client.
Conflicts of interest analysis/compliance
    BraunLegal attorneys have substantial experience in analyzing and rectifying conflict issues concerning the California Fair Political Practices Commission and Government Code § 1090.
Document management (confidentiality/retention/destruction)
    BraunLegal attorneys currently serve as Board Secretary for two public agencies. Among other things, the duties require knowledge of the California Public Records Act. Throughout the years, BraunLegal’s approach to providing cost-effective legal services has leaned on its practical experience in web-based infrastructures.
Regulatory Compliance
    The BraunLegal firm is heavily involved in numerous regulatory forums and maintains up-to-date knowledge on trends in the law. This experience enables the BraunLegal team to provide valuable advice in developing compliance programs or planning future transactions. BraunLegal attorneys have served as chief compliance officer in matters related to energy, environmental, and health & safety law issues.
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