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Tony Braun

Phone: 916-326-4449
Fax: 916-330-4337
For two decades, Tony Braun has provided counsel to California public agencies on all manner of regulatory, commercial, and legislative issues associated with the electric utility industry. From restructuring of the utility industry, establishment of… Read More
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Scott Blaising

Phone: 916-712-3961
Fax: 916-563-8855
Scott Blaising serves as special counsel for numerous public agencies on energy matters. In this role, Scott has been actively involved in regulatory and legislative efforts to promote retail service options for public agencies, including Community C… Read More
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Kevin Smith

Phone: 916-326-5849
Fax: 916-330-4337
Kevin Smith brings over 20 years of experience to BBSW in providing high-level counsel to public agency clients contending with California’s ever-changing energy markets. His primary areas of expertise include strategic legal and regulatory pol… Read More
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Justin Wynne

Phone: 916-326-5813
Fax: 916-330-4337
Justin Wynne has extensive experience representing publicly owned electric utilities (POUs) before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Energy Commission (CEC), California Air Resources Board, California Independent System Op… Read More
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Laura Fernandez

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Laura Fernandez joined BBSW in 2015 while concurrently attending the University of California, Davis School of Law. Laura represents community choice aggregators primarily on matters related to transportation electrification, energy efficiency, and r… Read More
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David Peffer

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
David Peffer is part of a group within BBSW that provides regulatory services to numerous CCA programs in California, including Marin Clean Energy, City of Lancaster, Sonoma Clean Power Authority and Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority. David has w… Read More
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Josh Stoops

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Josh Stoops brings a breadth of knowledge to BBSW regarding numerous land-use and environmental issues commonly faced in the energy industry. Prior to joining BBSW, Josh guided both private and public clients through environmental litigation at a lar… Read More
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Brittany Iles

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Brittany Iles joined BBSW as an Associate Attorney in 2018, having previously served as a Law Clerk while concurrently attending law school. Brittany provides regulatory and reporting services to numerous Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs i… Read More
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Marissa Nava

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Marissa Nava joined BBSW as an Associate Attorney in 2019. She represents a range of clients on regulatory and compliance matters before the California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, and the California Independent System O… Read More
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Industry Professionals

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Tom Ingwers

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Tom Ingwers brings over 38 years of energy experience to BBSW. His primary areas of expertise include: negotiating and managing natural gas, power, renewable energy, commodity and infrastructure transactions; management and marketing of energy assets… Read More
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Kris Kirkegaard

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Kris Kirkegaard brings over 20 years of project management experience to BBSW. With experience that spans multiple markets, including utilities, IT consulting, insurance and the food industry, Kris brings a broad base of experience that allows her to… Read More
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Amy Freeman

Phone: 916-326-5812
Fax: 916-330-4337
Amy Freeman brings over 19 years of legal and administrative experience to her role as Office Manager. Amy’s varied background provides the perfect foundation for this role, where her diverse responsibilities include overseeing the firm’s day-to-… Read More
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