Energy Services

Our Expertise Comes from Experience

BB&W appreciates the opportunity to serve its diverse group of clients, which includes some of California’s most innovative and progressive public agencies.

Regulatory Advocacy

BB&W represents clients in various forums including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, California Air Resources Board, California Independent System Operator, and California Energy Commission.

Commercial Transactions

BB&W has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting a wide array of contracts including Power Purchase Agreements, Joint Powers Agreements and Settlement Agreements.

Special Counsel

BB&W serves as regulatory counsel for:

  • The California Municipal Utilities Association, representing the association before regulatory agencies and providing legal advice on energy law and market rules in California.
  • Numerous Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, a relatively new form of public power in California, and has been instrumental in the formation and implementation of these public power programs.
  • The Balancing Authority of Northern California (BANC), a joint power agency serving as the balancing authority overseeing and operating most of the bulk public power systems in Northern California, providing input and direction on varied operational and technical matters.
  • A wide array of small and medium-sized publicly owned utilities (POUs), including the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and a coalition of small POUs.

Public Agency Law

BB&W provides legal representation and general counsel services for numerous public agencies on energy matters, ranging from the formation of public power agencies to ongoing compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Water-Energy Opportunities

BB&W has expanded beyond the bounds of traditional electric utility functions by evaluating and implementing various water-energy opportunities and serving as counsel for agencies such as the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority.